Arise.S is a Luxury Footwear Development Consultancy founded by two partners who firmly believe in the “early-bird” philosophy.

Arise.S values preparation, research, originality, creativity, independent-thinking and problem-solving.

Arise.S wants to deliver a simple message: “When opportunities arise, we should make the best out of it!

Our team is a valuable business partnership choice for emerging designers, start-up companies, and established brands. Arise.S offers a platform to share our know-how on shoe-making and the secret of footwear collection development by adding additional value to the final products.

Creative Artisans:

Technical Solution & Creativity

Our team is formed by two important groups of artisans and experts. All artisans received solid training on high standard luxury manufacturing processes on Leather Cutting, Sketching on Lasts, Pattern Making (by hand and CAD), Shoe Upper Stitching and Shoe Lasting

The same standard goes to our experts on Design Development and Material Research in the team. We believe that only by improving the technical knowledge on shoe-making, we would be able to create sustainable designs with originality, proper silhouette, along with comfort and quality

What makes us unique in the footwear business is the profound understanding of the manufacturing process and our expertise on design, trend analysis and customisation & research on the latest materials.

Tailor-made Luxury Experience:

Traditional & Modern Medium

Due to years of experiences with different luxury footwear manufacturers & brands, we had built up a specific training method of “how to create brand and collections” for start-ups, “how to research for ideas on materials & designs” for established brands, and “how to approach the traditional luxury shoe-making business” to those are curious about the industry. 

Being the medium of traditional shoe making and the modern creatives, our skills on finding solutions immediately, managing various requests efficiently, acquiring insight to manufacturers’ perspectives, understanding technical limits, planning budgets, and respecting brand originality are often required.

International Educational Experience:

Sharing & Delivering

Arise.S believes knowledge starts with great education. For our team, shoe education means not only a clear 2-way communication between students and educators but also sharing theoretical knowledge with practical examples and facts. 

After years of teaching experiences in the footwear business nationally and internationally, we understand it’s fundamental for our team to have strong technical understanding on different levels. However, without proper communication and language skills, we know it’s much harder to share the beauty of footwear to the world. 

Therefore, we had built up our team with an international & versatile approach. Now we are proud to say our team could cover services in English, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and French in order to share our knowledge on shoes with a broader audience.


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